Use Soft Scrub 4-in-1 Toilet Care to Stop Toilet Ring

When your bathroom sparkles, so do you – after all a clean bathroom is a happy bathroom, right? Using the right bathroom cleaning products will help ensure that your bathroom glistens, at all times. Just because you want your bathroom to shine, doesn’t mean you should have to clean it multiple times throughout the week! That’s why Soft Scrub 4-in-1 Toilet Care is here to make the job a little easier for you; it keeps cleaning even once you’ve stopped. Soft Scrub will make your bathroom cleaner, without extra work on your end.

  • Soft Scrub Total Bath and Bowl Spray: You can count on Soft Scrub Total Bath and Bowl Spray to keep your entire bathroom gleaming. This spray is powerful enough to both clean and deodorize your bathroom from top to bottom. You can use it on your bathtub, countertop, shower, sink and even toilet! Get rid of soap scum and remove mildew stains, all without fear of scratching delicate surfaces. Soft Scrub cleaning products are tough on stains, but gentle on surfaces.
  • Soft Scrub 4-in-1 Toilet Care: Stop toilet ring with the toilet care product that continues to clean with each and every flush. Soft Scrub 4-in-1 Toilet Care is also the only rim hanger that prevents buildup and freshens for up to four weeks. Once you’ve cleaned your toilet bowl, Soft Scrub 4-in-1 Toilet Care should be your last step! Simply place the hanger to the rim of your toilet in the flow of water, and enjoy the benefits.

It’s easy to tell whether a bathroom has been properly cleaned, or if it just appears to be clean. Make sure the latter isn’t the case with your bathroom! Have Soft Scrub on your side when it’s time to tackle your biggest bathroom messes, to get it completely clean. Whether you’re cleaning a bathroom used by one person or six, it can be a big task. With the help of Soft Scrub, the task can be made a little easier!