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Clean Pots and Pans with Soft Scrub

Pots and pans layered with remnants of burnt food on the bottom provide a challenge to any homemaker. There are many proven methods to help get these pieces of cookware clean, and you’ll be happy to know that burnt pots and pans are not a lost cause.

Now you can easily restore your pots and pans using Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Bath and Kitchen Cleanser. It is excellent for cleaning all throughout your kitchen all the way down to the pots and pans. Why spend thousands of dollars outfitting your kitchen with the best pans money can buy, only to have to replace them? Get rid of grime, not your pans!

Restoring Pots and Pans

Over time, oil accumulates on your pans. Cooking sprays are the worst offenders because their formula can result in a build-up, leaving a tacky residue. This causes non-stick cooking surfaces to lose their non-stick characteristics. Additionally, cooking sprays can darken the appearance of your cookware. For better results, use other vegetable oils to maintain the appearance of your cookware.

When it comes to cleaning burnt-on grease from the interior of a nonstick pan, use Soft Scrub Total Bath and Kitchen Cleanser and a soft bristle brush. For removing spots or stains on the hard-anodized exterior, try a little bit of cleanser and a non-abrasive sponge or pad. Soft Scrub cleansers are also ideal for eliminating baked-on grease from pots and pans. Just apply directly to the cookware and rub lightly with a damp cloth to remove stains. Other tips for cleaning your pots and pans include:

  • Avoid abrasive cleaning products with harsh chemicals
  • Soak pots and pans in a sink filled with warm, soapy water
  • Loosen burnt food with a soft, clean microfiber cloth

Every day you expose your pots and pans to extreme conditions, such as greasy residue, high heat and tough stains. Help them look their best with Soft Scrub cleansers. The formulas are designed to be hard on grime but gentle on surfaces. Say goodbye to your stained non-stick and stainless steel pots and pans!

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