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Cleaning Household Surfaces Without Scratching Them

Cleaning without Scratching

When you’re tackling household cleaning chores, you don’t want a product to scratch one of the fragile surfaces in your home permanently. Using non-scratch household cleaning products will provide a deep clean even on the most delicate surfaces. Soft Scrub products are tough on dirt, stains, and germs – and they won’t scratch surfaces.

Non-Scratch Cleaning Products

There are many products that are safe for cleaning all the delicate surfaces in your home. You want to make sure to look for those without harsh chemicals or abrasives to avoid scratching areas such as countertops, sinks, and appliances. Although Soft Scrub cleansers feel gritty to the touch, the distinct formula makes them gentle on surfaces, but not on grime. Soft Scrub cleansers are ideal for an unparalleled and powerful clean on a variety of surfaces, including:

  • Countertops.  Get rid of grime and stains from countertops with a cream cleanser that is uniquely created to eliminate difficult stains without scratching.
  • Stovetops. Clean up dried-on food from glass stovetops easily while cutting through kitchen grease, grime, and oil with Soft Scrub non-scratch cleansers. Wipe with a soft, clean cloth for a brilliant shine.
  • Bathtubs. To thoroughly clean a delicate surface such as a glazed ceramic or enameled cast iron tub, just squeeze a little Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Bath and Kitchen Cleanser directly onto a damp sponge or the tub. Rub the area gently and rinse or wipe clean.

Keeping Your Delicate Surface Scratch-Free

It isn’t worth the risk of ruining your home’s delicate surfaces by using cleaning products that aren’t specially made to clean gently. Always use multipurpose, non-scratch sponges or soft, microfiber cloths with 100 percent non-scratch cleansers. With an entire line of non-scratch products from Soft Scrub, you won’t need to worry about scratching your precious countertops, sinks, appliances, or tiles. Our non-scratch cleaners will help you clean the worst stains without being hard on the surfaces.

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