How to Clean Tile Floors with Soft Scrub

You chose tile flooring in your home for its durability and timeless presentation. Make sure it’s as clean as possible by learning how to clean tile floors with a cleaner that is just as durable and timeless. Soft Scrub has an array of powerful cleaning products to ensure your tile and grout is as immaculate as the day it was installed. Try our Soft Scrub Oxi Cleanser for a deep clean that penetrates the dirt, grime and buildup accumulating on your floors. It will leave you with a shiny, smooth surface that gleams.

Just like our other Soft Scrub products, the Soft Scrub Oxi Cleanser is great for removing tough stains. It penetrates deep into the surface of your flooring, allowing you to wipe away even the most resilient stains with the sweep of a towel. Infused with millions of Oxi scrubbers, Soft Scrub Oxi Cleanser activates immediately to lessen your overall cleaning time.  Quickly and easily remove hard-set stains from coffee, tea, juice, wine and many other liquids. You can use Soft Scrub Oxi Cleanser to:

  • Rid your floor of unsightly buildup
  • Clean and deodorize without scratching tile and grout
  • Cut through grease, oil, and grime in the kitchen
  • Remove soap scum, stains, and toothpaste
  • Ensure sparkling tile floors

Whatever you need it for, Soft Scrub Oxi Cleanser will do the job. Simply pour a small amount onto the surface of your tile or grout, allow the cleanser to penetrate, and then gently rub and rinse or wipe clean. You might also consider Soft Scrub with Bleach Cleaner Gel to get rid of hard-set stains in your grout lines. The non-abrasive formulation is safe for tile and grout, and the bleached gel can work wonders on tough old stains.

With our wide variety of Soft Scrub cleaning products at your fingertips no dirt, grime, mildew or stain is safe. Your tile floors will glisten like new with Soft Scrub Oxi Cleanser and Soft Scrub with Bleach Cleaner Gel. Your floors will look and smell amazing. With the fresh, vibrant hint of bleach these products let us know these floors are thoroughly cleaned.

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