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One All Purpose Cleaner for All of Your Summer Gatherings

School is officially out, let the countless pool parties and summer barbeques commence! This summer you’re bound to have a house full of guests at least once, probably more often than that if we’re being completely honest. Playing host is fun, but it can definitely be stressful too. Not only are you expected to have a spotless house when your guests arrive, but then it’s your responsibility to clean up the mess again after they leave!

Gone are the days where multiple cleaners are needed to get all of the different parts of your home sparkling. Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Cleaner works the first time, throughout your entire home. It has a patented switch that sprays from a fine mist or thick foam, you choose! No matter what angle you need to clean from, Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Cleaner gets the job done.

Imagine it’s the first barbeque of the season, and you’re kicking the summer off by hosting at your house. While you’re waiting for your guests to arrive, you’re rushing to get those last few finishing touches done. Things that you may not regularly clean are on display at these types of gatherings, like your grill station. The only person who notices that is your husband, and he never seems too concerned with its cleanliness. Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach Spray will shine the grill beautifully, and also clean up the ceramic tiles surrounding it. It’s even easy enough to use that your husband could do it!

The barbeque goes off without a hitch, as usual. A few guests even comment on how great the house looks; because it does look awesome! Once everyone has gone home, it’s time to get everything back in order. For starters, your (once sparkling) glass stove-top now has hardened barbeque sauce and all sorts of dinner remnants stuck on it. All you need to grab is Soft Scrub total All Purpose Cleaner Lemon Spray since it cuts through any kind of grease or grime. It leaves your kitchen glistening clean and smelling lemony fresh. But what about the garage floor with stains that you can’t even identify on it? Easy – the same product that tackles your post-party kitchen can fight those stains too.

Soft Scrub All Purpose Cleaners make cleaning up from your summer parties easier than ever. Let Soft Scrub take the hassle away so you can get back to the fun. If you’re not sure about which All Purpose Cleaner fits your needs, take a look at the Interactive Surface Guide.

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