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Quick and Easy Ways to Clean Soap Scum

Soap scum can be a nasty eye sore – keeping your kitchen or bathroom from being the clean, sparkling paradise you’re always working towards. Once you’re armed with Soft Scrub cleaning products, soap scum will soon be a thing of the past!

So, what is soap scum? And why is it so hard to clean? Soap scum (also known as lime scale) can form whenever water and soap are present – usually mixing with dead skin, hair and body oils to create a cloudy white layer. Because of these factors, it can form most easily in your shower, sink, bathtub and other bathroom surfaces. Regular maintenance is key to ensuring that these layers don’t build up and become difficult to remove. Soap scum can even sneak up on even the most vigilant of cleaners – especially when living in places with hard water. But, rest assured, Soft Scrub will be there for you in times of cleanliness despair!

Soft Scrub offers a variety of household cleaning products that can help tackle soap scum, no matter where it might show up in the household:

• Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Bath and Kitchen Cleanser: This product is perfect for cleaning sinks, showers and toilets while leaving behind a fresh lemon scent. With an easy to rinse formula, this cleanser is a quick and easy way to fulfill all your cleaning needs!

• Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach Spray: This handy spray bottle has all the cleaning power you need to combat tough stains. Its unique angle-neck bottle helps get you to those hard to reach areas, and can either spray in a fine mist or thick foam depending on what sticky situation you find yourself in.

• Soft Scrub Multi-Surface Gel: Designed for high end surfaces like granite, marble and glass cooktops, the Multi-Surface Gel will cut through all sorts of grease, oils and grime, including that pesky soap scum. Make faucet cleaning a breeze with this easy to clean gel – no rinsing necessary!

When it comes time to clean, think of Soft Scrub. By using our kitchen and bathroom cleaning products, surfaces all around your home will be clean in no time! This gives you plenty of extra time to step back and enjoy the view.

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