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What are the Best Bathroom Cleaning Products?

Keeping your home spic and span is almost always at the top of your to-do list. It’s no surprise that you take pride in maintaining a cleaning routine that is fast, effective and gets the job done right. Regular cleaning is necessary for a well-kept home, and your bathroom is probably one of the areas that needs the most attention. Whether you prefer to scrub on a daily or weekly basis, the bathroom cleaning products that you use can make a difference in how long your hard work lasts. Make sure your stash is supplied with the following Soft Scrub products.

Total Bath and Bowl Spray

Chances are, your toilets are the dirtiest objects in the bathroom. Kids, husbands, and pets can all wreak havoc on a clean toilet, but Total Bath and Bowl Spray can deodorize even the nastiest john. Thanks to its ability to change from a mist to a foam, you can fight even the toughest messes. With this product, you can clean more than just your toilet. Bonus areas include bathtubs, sinks, and countertops.

All Purpose Cleaner With Bleach Spray

You don’t want to have grime left behind after you clean, which is where Soft Scrub’s All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach Spray comes into play. The addition of bleach allows you to get rid of the tough stains that are common in bathrooms, including bathtub rings and soap scum. After the bathroom is done, you can use the spray in your kitchen, giving you twice the power with one bottle.

Total All Purpose Bath and Kitchen Cleanser

The best bathroom cleaning products should leave behind a fresh scent, not one that is harshly chemical. Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Bath and Kitchen Cleanser allows you to remove yucky smells and replace them with a sweet, lemony aroma. Since it’s usable on almost any surface in the bathroom, this product is a must-have in your cleaning arsenal.

4-in-1 Toilet Care

Scrubbing your toilet every day is not always an option, but this product provides cleaning power every time the toilet gets flushed. With multiple scents to choose from, your toilet can look and smell just as fresh as it did when you finished cleaning.

When you are armed with these four Soft Scrub products, the dirt and grime in your bathrooms don’t stand a chance. Make sure to have a supply on hand for use at a moment’s notice.

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