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Quick Tips - Vinyl

Quick Tips #17 – Mold on Vinyl Lawn Equipment

Use Soft Scrub with Bleach Cleanser on your plastic and vinyl strapped lawn equipment to get rid of the grey / black mold. Then, rinse and dry thoroughly.

Quick Tip #40 – Spot Clean Your Linoleum Floors!

To spot clean linoleum floors, just apply Soft Scrub with Bleach Cleaner Gel directly to the surface and lightly clean with a damp cloth. Stains and residue will disappear before your eyes.

Quick Tip #42 – Restoring Luster to Plastic Laminate Surfaces

Daily use of Soft Scrub Bleach Cleanser is a great way to keep your laminate countertops looking spotless. Simply squeeze directly on your laminate countertop and wipe clean.

Quick Tip #48 – Revitalize Your Vinyl with Soft Scrub®

Use a soft nylon pad or soft bristle brush to clean your vinyl floor when a cloth or mop is not enough. These tools can help you remove residue left behind by spilled food or other tough stains.