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5 Engaging Activities for Creative Kids to Enjoy

No child wants to be bored, but for kids who are naturally creative, being left with nothing to do can seem especially tiresome. On the other hand, creative kids often find ways to entertain themselves in ways grownups would never have thought of. Since creative energy can create a mess, you many want to have activities ready when your kiddos need a distraction. Most parents keep a supply of paper, crayons, paint and play dough in the house, but here is a list of five things you can encourage your children to do when the old standbys seem dull.

1. Build Something

Don’t worry, you don’t have to let the kids use power tools, but if you keep a supply of inexpensive kits on hand, you might be surprised at their natural building abilities. Craft stores carry a wide variety of building sets, from birdhouses to airplanes. Most require several steps, including painting, which can keep kids entertained for hours.

2. Plant Something

From windowsills to flowerbeds and beyond, the simple act of putting a seed or a plant in the soil is very satisfying to children. In order to make the project last longer, let them get creative with gardening or landscaping design. It can be as simple as planting petunias in coordinating colors or as complex as planning a vegetable garden, depending on the ages of the children and how much space you have.

3. Produce Something

Do you have a budding movie director in your family? Many creative children have stories spinning out of their imaginations all the time. If your kids enjoy using a camera and telling people what to do, encourage them to put a movie together.

4. Write Something

Whether it’s a daily journal or the next bestseller, inspire your creative kids to write on a daily basis. Writing is one of the simplest outlets for creativity, and it rarely makes a mess. Help your young writer categorize his or her manuscripts in folders so you can enjoy them now and in the future.

5. Clean Something

A home can never be too clean or have too many helpers. Creative children often enjoy organizing things or creating systems. If your kids are so inclined, ask them to empty a cupboard and put it back together neatly. Children as young as preschool age can enjoy this task.

By helping your children find engaging activities to stimulate their minds, you are fostering a love of learning and creativity. Just be sure to teach them to clean up after themselves along the way.

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