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Window Cleaning Tips & Tricks

While the line “I don’t do windows” is often good for a laugh, letting the sun shine in through clean windows can be a rewarding experience. That is, unless the chore leaves your windows with streaks, dried blobs, and other unsightly smudges. But if you keep a few tricks up your sleeve, window washing can be fast and fruitful.

  1. A Job for Cloudy Days: It might be counterintuitive but it’s not good to wash windows on sunny days. The glass gets warm which dries the washing solution too quickly. This leaving behind streaks. Wait until the sun takes a holiday to wash your windows. 
  2. Gather Your Tools: Pull together everything you’re going to need and assemble your tools in one place. You’ll need sponges, lint-free towels, a bucket, and a squeegee. 
  3. Mix Up Some Window Wash: You can make a great window cleaner mixing equal parts vinegar and water or by adding a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to a gallon of water. Make sure to mix up enough before you start so you don’t have to fuss in the middle of the job. 
  4. Save the Worst For Last: Start cleaning windows on the inside. Outdoor work is dirtier and you’ll go through your cleaning materials faster. 
  5. Wash Away: Vacuum the sills and the interior windows with a dust brush before you wash. Apply the cleaning solution with a spray bottle. Use a wet sponge to wipe the entire window clean in a circular motion. Squeegee the window, wiping the blade after each swipe. Use a dry cloth to wipe up drips and excess liquid around the edges. 
  6. Inside or Outside?: When you use your squeegee, make vertical swipes on the inside and horizontal on the outside, or vice versa. That way, when you have the inevitable streaks, you’ll know which side to attack with a soft, dry cloth.

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