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Making the Best Use of a Small Bathroom

Any real estate broker will tell you that spiffing up a neglected small bathroom will add value to your home. Even if you’re a renter, small bathrooms shouldn’t be overlooked. The smaller the bathroom, the cheaper the upgrades! A small bathroom can be totally “tuned up” for under $500 and completely redone for a few thousand. And when you’re done you’ll have something that is pleasant to use on a daily basis, and a long-term investment in your home.

Clean, and Caulk, Grout
Rust stains in the sink and bowl and moldy grout and caulk attract the eye when entering a small bathroom. All can be treated by a good scrubbing with a cream cleanser. For those hard-to-clean areas between tiles try using an old toothbrush. If you’re a little handier, you can remove the old, stained caulk around the tub, toilet base, and sink with a scraper and replace it with fresh white caulking.

Upgrades Small and Large
Many small bathrooms have old vanities, water-stained faucets, and ancient toilets. You can update these features with new knobs and cabinet pulls on the vanity, a faucet for the sink, and a new shower head. Even something as easy as installing a new toilet seat can make a big difference. If your budget allows, opt for brushed chrome, bronze, or copper fixtures which add a “wow factor” and make the small room feel luxurious.

Make the Room Look Bigger
Designers have tricks which make small bathrooms look larger. If your budget allows, consider installing a low-flush toilet and a new sink. Make sure to choose fixtures that are small and stylish so you can gain floor space. If you have a vanity, try replacing it with a pedestal sink and adding shelves above the toilet—or above the door—to make up for lost storage space.

Color It Large
The color scheme of a room can change the perception of its size. A monochrome color scheme makes a bathroom seem larger. You can use varying shades of a single color and soft, neutral tones are the best.

Mirror on the Wall
Bulky old medicine cabinets can make a bathroom feel small and out-of-date. Consider replacing the cabinet with a larger wall mirror which will add an extra dimension to the room and allow you to congratulate yourself for remaking your small bathroom into a large, comfortable place.

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