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A Monster Nuisance: Mutated Head Lice

The dreaded infestation of head lice among children has become a potent fear for most parents. Thankfully, head lice have not been shown to carry any diseases, making them infinitely more of a bother than a danger. However, current studies have shown that there is a new strain of head lice with genetic mutations that help them become resistant to the types of pesticides that are typically used to ward of lice. Fortunately, researchers and scientists are already on the issue, digging deeper into the question of the how, why, and what’s to be done of mutated head lice.

This Just In

The studies and extensive research done by Kyong Yoon and John Marshall Clark were revealed at the American Chemical Society National Meeting. They found that, out of 30 states selected, 25 of them showed inhabitation by these genetic mutants. It was assessed that, because of the continued use of the same treatments and the same pesticides over time, these mutated head lice developed a certain resistance to human defensive measures. Over-the-counter treatments are mostly ineffective against these lice, which has caused a great deal of alarm for parents in the 25 states showing signs of the mutations.

Preventative Measures

When the best scientific minds are at work, and there’s no immediate or infectious danger at hand, there’s no need to panic. There are, however, certain measures that can be taken to help manage an infestation of this type of head lice. In the case of a lice infestation in your home:

• Keep your surroundings squeaky clean and vacuum
• Consult your doctor and use prescribed in-home treatments
• Treat and clean hair items such as brushes and combs as well as stuffed animals, bedding, and pillows

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