Do One Fourth of Spring Cleaning During Each Season to Make it Easier

Are you a cleaning enthusiast? Even though you enjoy cleaning your home, do you find spring cleaning a bit of a daunting task? With a long list of big annual chores in front of you, it’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed; however, if you change to a seasonal schedule, you may rediscover your love of those major chores. After all, who doesn’t enjoy accomplishing a big goal?

Make a List of Annual Chores

Before you get started, make a list of everything you normally do during spring cleaning. It may look like this

  • Organize the garage
  • Deep clean the kitchen
  • Unclutter the bedroom closets
  • Pressure wash exterior surfaces
  • Change air filters
  • Clean the windows and shutters

Having this list will help you organize your time more effectively as you decide which tasks to finish first. Make sure you include everything from the time-consuming tasks to the quick chores.

Divide the List According to Zones

Once you have your spring cleaning checklist, divide it according to the different zones in your house. For instance, put all the outdoor activities in the same group and all the bedroom chores in another. Try to have four major groupings that make sense to you. If you can, put the largest tasks in different groups so that every season only has one major, time-consuming chore.

Do a Portion Every Season

After you divide your chore list, assign each group of tasks to a season. For your outdoor chores, you may want to do these in the spring or fall when it is warm outside but not overly hot. Consider doing indoor tasks during the winter or summer to save you and your family from extremely hot or cold temperatures. No matter how you choose to divide your chores, be sure the system works best for you.

Clean as You Go

To help with your major seasonal chores, complete smaller daily or weekly tasks to avoid buildup of dirt or debris. If you wipe your bathroom counters every few days, you won’t have to clean through layers of residue. Additionally, throw away clutter when you notice it. If you don’t allow items to pile up, your seasonal cleanings will go much quicker.

Spring cleaning is a great method to remove clutter and dirt from your home, annually. However, doing tasks incrementally can be significantly less stressful. Instead of going with the traditional method, try doing ¼ of your annual cleaning every season. Splitting up the tasks over a longer period can make the process more enjoyable for you and your family.

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