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Fun Holiday Projects for Kids at Home

The holiday flicker of the fireplace, candles, and Christmas lights are being replaced by the blue glow of smartphones, tablet computers, and video games – but it doesn’t have to be this way. Holiday projects for kids are fun, interactive, and require more than just the thumbs to accomplish. Here’s a quick list of old fashioned (non-digital) fun holiday projects for kids:

  1. String Christmas tree garlands: Assemble scissors, glue, string, needles, and a variety of beads, popcorn, dried cranberries, tinsel, metallic ribbon, lace, gold foil, and feathers. String the decorations together to create unique garlands to wrap around the Christmas tree. 
  2. Build an easy gingerbread house: To build a colorful gingerbread house use frosting to “glue” graham crackers to an empty milk carton cut in half. Have the kids decorate the house with hard candies, licorices strips for door and window frames, and various colors of frosting. 
  3. Bake holiday treats: Baking Christmas cookies is fun, educational, and you get to eat the gingerbread men and peanut butter blossoms when you’re done. 
  4. Sing away the day: Christmas carols are an ancient tradition and singing unites a family in joyous celebration. If the sing-along goes well, take it on the road and sing Christmas carols in your neighborhood.
  5. Have a snow day: If you’re lucky enough to live in a place with a white Christmas, bundle up the kids and take them outdoors. What could be more fun than sled riding, skiing, and building a snowman? If you live in warmer climates, a hike in the woods or a walk around the lake helps get rid of those extra holiday calories. 
  6. Make Christmas costumes: Pillowcases are great for making cute costumes for the young ones. Cut arm holes and a head hole in a white pillowcase to make an angel costume. Add silver or gold ribbons and wrap a garland around the child’s waist. A red pillow case can be used for a Santa or Mrs. Claus outfit while green can be used for Christmas elves.

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