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High Tech Housecleaning

My job has been replaced by a robot, and I’m loving it! Well, I should say my vacuuming job. The vacuuming robot, also known as a robovac, is a nifty little machine which sucks up dirt, dust bunnies, and pet hair while maneuvering around table legs and chairs. These machines can be programmed to perform on a regular schedule which means your house stays cleaner. While you probably do not want to vacuum every day, the robot will—and it will never complain.

Robot vacuums use lasers and intuitive robot technology to scan the room and create efficient cleaning paths. And the high tech machines don’t need engineering degrees. Simply charge them up, push a button, and away they go. That said, robovacs are not perfect. They don’t get into tight corners or under low furniture. They can also get hung up on cable wires, choke on loose socks, and rip the fringe off rugs. The dirt chambers also need to be emptied after each use, the filter needs to be cleaned, and long hairs and fuzz needs to be carefully removed from the rollers. Still, I wouldn’t trade mine for anything.

What’s worse than vacuuming? Cleaning gutters. While I ignore this chore for as long as possible, dirty gutters are a drag when it rains. Water pours over the edges, pools around the foundation, and drenches me when I try to walk in the door—all those things gutters are made to prevent. Enter the gutter-cleaning robot (gutt-bot).

These elongated machines with rubber treads fit perfectly into a gutter. With a rubber flap and scraper on the front, the gutt-bot evicts leaves and other debris as it crawls through the gutter. Spinning brushes remove the final scraps of debris. The gutt-bot has a belt clip so you can attach it to your jeans while you climb up the ladder to the gutter. It also has a detachable remote control so you can drive the robot up and down until your gutters are clean. There is one caveat, however. Some gutters have metal rods across them to add strength. Robot gutter cleaners are useless when faced with these obstacles, so check your gutters before you invest in the robot.

The robovac and robot gutter cleaner are among several high tech housecleaning tools. Other wonders do everything from mopping the floor to ridding the bathroom of germs, bacteria, and viruses with ultraviolet light.

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