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House Cleaning as a Stress Reducer

When I come home from a crazy day at the office, nothing helps me unwind faster than an hour of housecleaning. Seriously! High levels of stress are unhealthy and can lead to sickness and disease. And if you have a positive attitude towards house cleaning you benefit in three ways: Obviously, your house is clean, and you lower your stress levels, and get exercise at the same time. This is especially important if you’re deskbound at work all day!

Psychologists say that living in a chaotic environment can lower a person’s sense of self-worth. And it’s a fact that living in a messy house cluttered with piles of dirty dishes and dust bunnies skittering across the floor can make a person feel lousy. It’s also true that house cleaning is a great way to unwind and empty the mind of the day’s tensions.

If you think about it, housework can help de-stress. Cleaning combines simple repetitive motions, gentle exercise, and a feeling of satisfaction when you’re done. Even if the workout is mild, your brain produces feel-good chemicals called endorphins which improve your mood and reduce anxiety. In fact, a study in Great Britain showed that even 20 minutes of housecleaning a week reduced stress and worries in test subjects.

A clean, organized house sends a message that you’re feeling good about yourself and the world around you. And you can’t avoid the fact that dirt happens. From the moment you wake up until you turn out the light at night, you’re producing dust, dirty dishes, and other unavoidable clutter. So crank up the dance music or turn on some relaxing new age sounds, get out the sponge, bucket, and vacuum, and get busy cleaning your house. Your place will sparkle and so will your outlook on life.

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