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How to Get Everyone Involved in Cleaning Chores

Most moms love a clean house, but they may not have time to complete the cleaning process satisfactorily. After all, cleaning can be time consuming – especially if you do it alone. When you have a family, it is helpful to involve kids and husband. Here are some tips to help them become more involved in the cleaning chores, so you don’t have to do all the work.               

Make It Fun

Children are a lot more likely to participate in housework if it is fun. You can make it fun by playing music during the tasks. It is also a good idea to create a game around the cleaning process. For example, you can have a competition to determine who cleaned the space the best.

Set Rules

If you think your kids or husband will naturally help with the cleaning process, you may be mistaken. Some people need to know how to help out. Otherwise, they will overlook the dishwasher that needs to be unloaded or the laundry that is sitting out. Simple rules can prevent this from happening. Here are some common rules for your children and husband to abide by:

  • Make your bed every morning
  • Pick up your toys before getting out new ones
  • Clean up your plate after dinner
  • Take out the trash when it is full

Create a Chore List

Some families can benefit from special chore lists. You can assign your husband the job of cleaning the bathrooms each week or put him in charge of vacuuming the floors. Your children can have a variety of tasks including making their beds, dusting their rooms, and doing yard work. If you live by this list, it is important to make sure it is visible in your home. You should also determine a way to make each person accountable for his or her chores.

Schedule Cleaning Times

It is often easier to accomplish all of the cleaning chores when you set aside a time for them. For example, you can plan to clean every Saturday morning. During this time, make sure everyone has their list of chores and that they know what is expected of them. When everyone is cleaning together, you will probably hear less complaining and see your family engaging in more teamwork. After the cleaning is completed, you can plan a fun activity as a family.

With a little effort, involving the family in the cleaning process is easy. You will love delegating the work, and your children and husband will benefit from learning to maintain a clean house.

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