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How to Keep Dirt Out of Your Home

Cleaning can be a chore and some tasks, such as laundry and dishes, are unavoidable. But other chores, like scrubbing floors and vacuuming, can be a whole lot easier if you stop dirt before it comes in the door. You can lighten your load on cleaning day and make chores a little less exhausting by using these easy steps to keep dirt out of your home.

  1. Lay out the welcome mat: Much of the dirt that enters a home is brought in on the soles of shoes. And much of the dirt is invisible. But day after day, a family’s dirty shoes bring a great deal of filth into the home. If you place good doormats at every entryway, grime will remain at the door.
  2. Choose a good doormat: The longer the doormat the better it works. Mats up to 5 feet in length, and the width of the doorway, will stop shoe dirt in its tracks. Dark, acrylic, rubber-backed mats are easiest to shake out or vacuum. You might also want to consider carpet runners for high traffic areas and spill-prone zones.
  3. Make the home a shoe-free zone: Nothing stops shoe dirt at the door better than asking family members to leave their shoes at the door. Provide a decorative basket filled with slippers or indoor-only shoes so feet can stay warm and cozy.
  4. Be a fan of the kitchen fan: Frying and sautéing food sends grease particles in the air. These daubs of dirt carry beyond the kitchen and leave a sticky film on household surfaces. Your kitchen exhaust fan pulls that greasy mess right out of the house, leaving your home looking and smelling better.
  5. Keep the vents clean: Heating and cooling vents are often overlooked due to their placement on ceilings, walls, and behind furniture. But they are dust magnets which blow dirt around every room in the house. Use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum to keep vents dust-free.

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