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Make Your Kitchen Cleaner with the Right Products

While you may love cleaning, you may not love the fact that it can sometimes be a challenge to find the best cleaners to use for your kitchen. Thankfully, Soft Scrub is here to help you decide on which products to use when it comes to making your kitchen cleaner.

Gel Cleaners

Since dirt and grime work their way deep into the surfaces of your kitchen, you’ll want a cleaner that penetrates just as deep. Gel cleaners are thick, which allows them to cling to surfaces rather than slide off, like thinner products might. Another great feature is that many have nozzles, which allow for targeted application so you don’t spray surfaces or items that might be damaged by certain chemicals.

Cream Cleansers

Properly disinfecting your kitchen is vital to keeping harmful bacteria, viruses and germs from turning your kitchen into a breeding ground. Cream cleansers are also a great option for bothersome stains that refuse to come off your kitchen surfaces. The cleansers should be applied directly to the stained area, given time to settle and easily wiped away. Another advantage of using cream cleansers is that they are formulated to be gentle on surfaces, which is great for helping your kitchen appliances and countertops retain their appearances for as long as possible.

Spray Cleaners

For routine kitchen cleanings, you can’t go wrong with standard spray cleaners. That being said, any spray cleaner you use should be formulated to work its way deep into surfaces to lift stains. It’s also important that your spray cleaners do not contain harmful fumes or overspray, which can cause you to use more product and spend more money than absolutely necessary. Because your kitchen is a target area for mold and mildew, you should also have a spray cleaner specifically designed to treat and prevent both.

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