Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Dozens of sad songs have been written about rainy days but dreary weather doesn’t have to dampen your family’s spirits. There are plenty of activities that lend themselves drizzles, downpours, and cloudbursts. Before you know it, you’ll have the kids singing in the rain.

  1. Treasure hunt: Everybody loves a good treasure hunt because nothing beats the thrill of finding hidden stuff. Make one set of clues for every player with each clue leading to the next. Mark the clues with numbers, such as “2 out of 7” so kids can follow them in the proper order. The winner can be rewarded with a toy, an IOU for a day at the park or a movie, or a small sack of coins.
  2. Bake cookies or a cake: Baking is fun, educational, you get to make a mess, and eat the end result. As you’re preheating the oven, cover counters and floors with a drop cloth or newspapers. This will make cleanup a breeze. Instead of mixing spoons, let kids use their hands. When baking cookies, provide plenty of decorations including frosting, gummy bears, sprinkles, chocolates, and candy. Get kids to help with the cleanup while the goods are in the oven. 
  3. Camp in the living room: Don’t let a little rain stop you from taking a camping trip. If you have a free-standing tent, set it up in the garage, basement, or living room. Or build a fort from chairs and blankets. Get out the flashlights and lanterns and have an indoor picnic. You can sing camp songs and roast marshmallows over the stove. 
  4. Make up a story: Provide kids with an opening line such as “Once upon a time, a boy went up to the attic and hit his head on a beam. When he awoke he discovered he was….” Let each participant add their own sentence or paragraph. Record the story with your cell phone or videotape it for memories you can relive long after the sun comes out.

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