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Ready the Disinfectant for Back to School Germs

When students return to school, it’s supposed to be a joyful time filled with hopes of attaining great educational goals and social victories. Although the kids might be excited about shopping for school supplies and starting a new year, parents often worry about what they can’t control when their little ones go back to school: germs.

Contrary to popular belief, some germs aren’t a big deal. In fact, it has been proposed that a healthy dose of germs on a day-to-day basis can help keep immune systems in both children and adults happy and robust. Enter viruses like the flu onto the stage, and the story changes. While some germs might be harmless or even potentially helpful, there are other types of germs that can have irritating or serious consequences.

There are several varieties of harmful germs that can be spread as kids come into contact with new classmates during the beginning of the school year. For instance, parents should be aware of the usual suspects like the common cold, strep throat, and influenza likely being passed around.

Fortunately, there are plenty of habits that parents and children alike can adopt as part of their daily routines. These tips will help protect against unwelcome germs:

Breaking out the hand sanitizer and disinfectants: Most disinfectants work like a charm against destroying would-be infectious bacteria. Disinfect door handles and commonly used surfaces to avoid the spread of germs. Also, carrying sanitizer regularly can help keep hands squeaky clean even when on-the-go.

Sharing a little less: Passing drinks around the lunch table may seem like a kind gesture, but all sorts of germs can spread like wildfire in this manner.

Washing your hands: Keeping a steady habit of washing one’s hands is perhaps the best and easiest way to ward off unwanted germs – go the extra mile by not touching one’s own face or another’s.

A large part of defeating the spread of germs has to do with making sure each person handles their own cleanliness and well-being. Stay happy and healthy by observing your behavior and making any necessary germ-conquering adjustments.

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