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Tips to Keep Dust Out of Your House

The cold months can be hard on a house in many ways, and collecting too much dust is one of them. The big problem is that indoor air in the winter tends to be very dry, so it’s a perfect delivery system for dust. Warm air being blown from a furnace or other heat source can add to the problem. Even in a home that you strive to keep clean, dust buildup can be vexing. Here are four tips to keep dust out of your house this winter.

1. Concentrate on the Rugs

Not only are rugs large, flat areas that allow dust to settle on them, they also actually draw dust to them with their fibers. Everyone who walks on the rug spreads the dust even further. Regular vacuuming–at least twice a week in the winter–is essential, of course, but it will also help to take your area rugs outdoors and beat them, or at least vigorously shake them if they’re small enough, at least once a month. An added bonus: Shaking and beating also works well for getting the dust out of pillows and cushions.

2. Keep the Small Things in Mind Also

Chances are that you’re not thinking about your ceiling fans in the winter, but they are major dust collectors. So are the tops of most anything in the house such as books, picture frames, and windows. These may be small areas, and some of them are not often seen, but the dust that accumulates on them can be substantial. Make it a habit to dust these often-overlooked areas regularly.

3. Pick It All Up

Unfortunately, it’s too easy to just spread dust around while cleaning, even if your target is the dust itself. Using slightly damp dust rags or ones that are electrostatic gives you a much better chance of actually picking the dust up so you can dispose of it entirely. Surface-appropriate spray products can be helpful as well.

This applies to all surfaces in your home, including bare floors. After sweeping, make sure your floors are dust-free by going over them with a damp or treated mop to finish the job.

4. Declutter Wherever Possible

There is nothing that collects dust in the winter like odds and ends. They not only get dust on them, they also obstruct your ability to clean dust off the surfaces beneath them. Reduce mementos, picture frames, stacks of magazines and books, knick-knacks and other collectables where you can, put away as much as possible and enjoy your streamlined look. And while you’re at it, how about those closet floors?

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