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What Color Should You Paint Your Bedroom?

People who make their living as color consultants know that the colors used in home décor can affect a family’s mood and well-being. Some colors, like yellow, red, and orange, are lively and energetic. Others such as pastel blues, greens, and purples, are cool, calming and reflective. When it comes time to paint the bedroom calm colors are the key.

  1. Keep it cool with colors: Research has shown that blood pressure and heart rates rise when people enter red rooms. Blue rooms have the opposite effect. The bedroom is where you go to connect with your partner and relax. Colors like light blue, French lavender, and sea foam green keep the mood cool and calm. 
  2. Mellow and mono: To further enhance warm and expansive feelings use monochromatic colors—those found next to each other on the color swatch book at the paint store. A room painted with several closely related shades is stylish and appealing. 
  3. Opposites attract: If mono is not your style, try using complementary colors. These are found on the opposite ends of the swatch book. Chose a dominant hue of blue, green, or violet and paint accents with a pastel version of its opposite, orange, red, and yellow respectively. 
  4. Add drama with an accent wall: While the four walls are usually painted a single color, a room can seem more dramatic and inviting if a single wall is painted a deeper shade of a complimentary color. And if a room is small, a sky blue ceiling can make it feel larger. On the other hand if a room is large, a bright rich tone on one wall will make it seem cozier. 
  5. Inspiring colors: If you want your bedroom to inspire sleep—or passion—consider dark colors like burgundy, forest green, royal blue, or natural dark browns.

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