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You Can Be a Gardener Without a Garden

If gardening is your passion, but you find yourself without a garden, don’t despair. You can put your green thumb to work no matter how little space you have available. Houseplants add color, texture and fresh air to a home, but they do little to satisfy the strong planting urges that gardeners have. If you’re hankering for some edible crops, consider these simple ideas.

Pots on the Patio

If you live in an apartment or small home and are lucky enough to have a patio or small deck, planting in pots is the way to go. Ceramic, cement and even plastic are all perfect for filling with soil and poking some seeds or vegetable starts in. Cherry tomatoes, salad greens, strawberries and herbs are all likely candidates for making your patio an edible wonderland.

Flowerbeds Aren’t Just for Flowers

Whoever said you can only plant flowers in the front yard clearly wasn’t hungry for fresh vegetables. The truth is, veggies and flowers love to grow side by side, and you’ll enjoy the beauty as well as the produce. Flowers attract beneficial insects to the garden, which are great for keeping your organic produce pest free. Plant cabbage, asparagus, rhubarb, strawberries, peppers and carrots among your zinnias, cosmos, sunflowers and nasturtiums.

Try a Tiny Greenhouse

When placed on the sunny side of your house, a small, inexpensive greenhouse can be a gardener’s best friend. You’ll need good soil, sturdy containers and close proximity to a water faucet. Plant successive batches of lettuce, spinach and other salad greens from seed in all but the coldest winter months. Harvest the leaves when they are young and tender, much like the sweet baby greens that are sold in grocery stores. The nutritional value far exceeds store-bought salad, and it tastes better, too.

Everywhere but the Kitchen Sink

If you have deep windowsills or lots of counter space in a light-filled room, you have the perfect place to grow herbs. Basil, rosemary, thyme and oregano will all live happily indoors with you. Herbs in pots can be purchased at nurseries, home improvement warehouses and even grocery stores. If you use up a plant faster than it can grow, you can easily replace it with another one. Fresh herbs smell wonderful, and they add amazing flavor to your favorite dishes.

Not all gardeners have a large plot to play in. By being creative with your options you can grow veggies and show off your skills in small spaces. You’ll save money and eat better, too.

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